Project Description

Ace Streeter
Ace StreeterStudio 201A

Ace was born in the south – well southern Michigan, so it was south for that state. It was there that he learned to appreciate the world around him. After being told in a 5th grade art class that creativity was not what a particular assignment required, he became disenchanted with the art world for nearly three decades. Ace instead pursued an education and career in science, eventually specializing in food safety, so that he could help others.

While traveling for business, he developed a habit of taking photographs to share what he encountered in different areas with his family and friends. Recognizing his love of capturing the moment, they encouraged him to expand his photography skills, and bring those glimpses of life back for others to see. At this point, Ace’s focus is on nature and astronomical photography, using his sense of humor and knowledge of science to guide his unique vision. He would like to expand into portraits, painting, and other artistic endeavors, as he learns to once again appreciate art and creative pursuits.

Ace feels every picture he takes tells a story. If you stop in during Open Studio hours, feel free to ask him to share one with you.