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Jennie Hogue
Jennie Hogue

My name is Jennie Hogue. I am a mixed media artist. I’ve held several titles throughout my life, but those I cherish most are (artist) wife, mother and grandmother. I have two grown sons, two grown daughters, two daughter-in-laws and (thus far) two grandsons. My extended family is quite large, and they provide invaluable love and support to me every day. I also have a small, close-knit group of friends that I consider to be family as well.
I initially began my career in commercial construction. After my travels and work in that field ended, I became a District Sales Coordinator for a large corporation. The construction work had often provided an outlet for my creative side; however my years of office work proved to be completely the opposite. I left the stress of the corporate world to return to school and pursue my true passion-Art & Design. I earned a degree in Fine Art, and I plan to return to school once again to further my studies.

Among many other activities, I most enjoy camping and reconnecting with nature as often as possible. I feel grounded and completely at ease when I’m in the outdoors. The best way to sum up my love of art and nature would be to include a brief passage from my artist statement………….

“……..I’m obsessed with the simplistic beauty around me. I am overwhelmed and silently reverent by what is right before me. I see everything, and I cannot contain it. I have to record it, store it. Attempt to share it.”

Hopefully, I’m able to do just that through my artwork…whatever the style or medium.