Project Description

Vickie Cohen
Vickie Cohen103A

Fascinating! Designed by Vicki Cohen, award winning artist.

Collecting old, tattered crazy quilts is my passion. I restore them and create beatuiful heirloom works of art using silk thread and ribbbon embroidery, stain, velvet, lace, and antique embellistments.

Thery are named piano shawis but can be displayed as a throw in a parlor, over the back of a sofa, or draped over a piano or banister. Sometimes they are displayed on a wall. They are to be admired and to add to decor.

Currently, I have completed a 1964 eroa quilt re-creating it into a Vietnam War crazy quilt, complete with medals, ribbons and buttons.

I collect many antique items and adore embellishments, Many are one of a kind and used as embellishments on my quilts. I hope you will enjoy the beauty and love as much as I do finding them.

Please feel welcome to stop by my art studio #103B to see what I am currently creating. Thank you!